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COVID-19 Update

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10 July 2020 Please see latest attachments covering status and update from Hampshire County Council


Everyone will no doubt be following the current developments and likely outcomes regarding Coronavirus, though there is naturally much uncertainty.

Vernham Dean is a tight-knit community and we can all be assured that people at risk, especially the elderly, will be looked after by local family members, or by close neighbours.

It is difficult, and perhaps inappropriate for a single body within a community to take on the responsibility for ensuring that people remain as safe as possible in such a situation, and there is therefore going to be a reliance that the community will pull together as a unit in order to help those who become affected  by the virus.

Since it is the elderly (those over 70) who are likely to be most impacted, there follows a short list of possible measures that neighbours and friends within the village might do to make life easier for those who become confined:

  • Make it known to neighbours that you are willing and able to provide assistance with shopping for food and essentials. Those of us who have home deliveries might be of particular use.
  • Be aware of neighbours who contract the virus and who may need medication to be collected or prescriptions filled
  • Some people will not be on the village email list and will not be aware of this or any further notifications, so please pass information on in these cases.
  • In the event that this pandemic lasts a considerable time, consider over-cultivation of vegetables in your garden so that there is a surplus which can be distributed to those in need
  • Continue to reassure those people affected that there is no need for them to worry or concern themselves that they will be on their own in seeing this through
  • If anyone has specific requirements that cannot be normally met, please contact a member of the Parish Council as follows:

         Richard Winch         01264 737723/07790 807282
         Paul Nicoll                01264 737372
         Mark Doherty          07796 447829
         Julie Drury                01264 737339
         Adrian Butt              01264 737213
         Nigel Palmer            01264 736107
         Karen Nightingale   01264 737632

  • Keep checking e-mail, Facebook, Focus and noticeboards for further information (the website is undergoing a re-construction at this time).