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Emergency Response Plan

The floods of February 2014 resulted in a Flood Action Group being set up under the leadership of Jill Scrivener and Rachel Kent.

It was agreed that in order to get the village’s case heard by those organisations in a position to underwrite mitigation against further events (Environment Agency and Hampshire CC) it would be advisable to form a body covering the Upper Bourne Valley and therefore regular meetings were set up with representatives of Upton, Hurstbourne Tarrant and St Mary Bourne to agree a collaborative approach to the various agencies.

The dialogue with both the EA and HCC is ongoing and whilst mitigation projects have been completed by those bodies in both Hurstbourne Tarrant and St Mary Bourne, three community initiatives have been completed in Vernham Dean.

Firstly, an Emergency Plan has been written and distributed (with the approval of HCC) which provides residents with information as to what to do in the event of future flooding or other emergency. This Plan can be found in the PDF file below.

Secondly, two sumps have been installed at locations in Dean Terrace and School Close which will assist the deployment of large-bore pumps in the future.

And thirdly, three sources have been identified which are able to provide the village with a 6" pump at short notice. Details of these will be contained within the Emergency Response Plan.