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Due to its beautiful surroundings Vernham Dean attracts walkers and ramblers from far and wide. On most weekends parties gather in the pub car park and set off into the countryside, returning later in order to enjoy a well-deserved lunch at The George!

The network of footpaths takes the walker through woods and farmland, and from elevated points provides breathtaking views of the North Wessex Downs, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The view along the valley to Hippenscombe overlooked by the Iron Age fort is especially worth the climb!

It is the responsibility of the landowners to ensure that footpaths crossing their property are maintained and in Vernham Dean we are fortunate that the local farmers and other landowners are especially responsive to requests for maintenance. However, sometimes things get missed so we welcome any contact from walkers who have come across overgrown paths or damaged or unsafe stiles. Users of the footpaths too have a responsibility to observe The Countryside Code by respecting the farmland and woodland and particularly to keep dogs under control, paricularly around livestock and during the shooting season. And please pick up after your dog!

For all enquiries regarding footpaths, or to report any issues, please contact Haydn Watkins on 01264 737297 or email

Welcome to Vernham Dean Footpaths
Welcome to Vernham Dean Footpaths